Perks to Buying and Selling During the Slow Season

Traditional real estate wisdom usually dictates that winter months, especially around the holidays, are the “slow season” for buying and selling property. The inventory is lower, and buyers are presumably too distracted by the holiday hustle and bustle to consider a home purchase. But the slow season may be the perfect opportunity to buy or list a home. Here’s why…


If you’re considering selling your property, listing during the slow season has its advantages, too. Buyers can be more motivated to close quickly with the holidays around the corner, envisioning themselves and their family gathered in a new home for Christmas dinner. You can take advantage of that nesting impulse by staging your home with welcoming and tasteful holiday decor, which helpers buyers see themselves being happy and comfortable in your home.

Plus, the slow season usually sees a smaller number of listings on the market, which means you, the seller, have less competition in selling your home. With fewer homes to compete with, your home will stand out easier and close quicker.

The fact is that serious buyers will be watching the market year-round for their dream home to become available – a savvy buyer will not limit herself to the spring.


But the slow season may be the perfect time for you to score a great deal on your next home. Time is most definitely on your side when it comes to buying during the slow season. Properties which have been on the market for a while are more likely to consider lower offers.

After watching their property fail to sell all summer and fall, sellers are more open to offers that are lower than asking price, and more motivated to allow conditions such as home repairs and upgrades into the contract.

You can also entice sellers to accept a slightly lower price tag by offering to move through inspections and appraisals quickly. Most sellers want to sell with as little fuss as possible, so they’ll be enticed to accept a lower selling price if they are promised a hassle-free closing.

If you’re ready to list or to buy, contact Monnie at 325.365.6404 – she’ll help you find the perfect time to sell or buy your home.


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