Is An Older Home The Right Fit For You?

Monnie and Mary are proud to list older homes in Runnels County because they offer a level of craftsmanship and quality materials that newer homes often find hard to match. Plus, they are uniquely valuable pieces of local history. From solid wood interior walls to quirky little built-in surprises, the charm of an older home is exceptional.

But they’re not for everyone. Here’s how to know if purchasing an older home is a good decision for you:

  1. You like a reno challenge. If you enjoy a DIY project, an older home might be the right fit for you! Many older home needs cosmetic changes, such as paint on the walls and refinished floors, which are within the skill of the weekend handyman or woman. Just remember that living in a home while renovating it can sometimes feel overwhelming, so choose projects you can definitely complete within a reasonable timeframe, and save the bigger jobs, like plumbing and electrical updates, to professionals who can complete them quickly.
  2. You have great vision for what a home could be. Whether you’re an amateur interior designer or just a sucker for solid hardwood floors, you know that an older home can potentially offer far more than a newer one. They are usually made of very sturdy materials and built to last, plus they often come with mature trees and lawns. If you can keep your vision of a lovingly-restored older house in mind through the renovations, you’ll be the lucky owner of a truly unique and welcoming home.
  3. You don’t mind a few construction surprises. Renovations to an older home generally go deeper than the aesthetic, and when you start to tackle plumbing or electrical problems, things can sometimes get expensive. When refurbishing an older home, it’s important to always add a little padding into the budget for surprises and try to keep a sense of humor. You’ll marvel someday as you look back on the old house that has now become your gorgeous new home.
  4. You value preserving a part of Runnels’ history. By renovating an older home, you are preserving an important part of the history of the area. Many older homes may have fallen into disrepair, and making them beautiful again is a service to the community as well as a personally satisfying endeavor. Older homes in Runnels county tell a story, and making sure they are around for the next generation is a wonderful legacy to leave our community.

If you’ve got your eye on one of our older home listings, give us a shout! Monnie is always happy to schedule a viewing. Call her today at 325.365.6404.