The four places in your home that need decluttering before you sell

You probably don’t need Marie Kondo to tell you: clutter can happen to the best of us. Getting started with a declutter can feel overwhelming, but if you’re planning to sell your home, it’s important to make it a priority. Clutter can make a lovely home feel cramped and out of style, two impressions you don’t want for potential buyers.

Here are four places in your home where buyers will want to see tidy shelves and organization:

The kitchen: From kitchen utensils to plastic “gimme” cups, kitchen clutter accumulates amazingly fast. Start by asking yourself how many of those casserole dishes, cake stands or serving platters you’re actually using, even for a busy Thanksgiving dinner. Plastic cups are another item that pile up quickly. While you should keep any that you’re using and are still in good shape, do not keep any plastic that has started to deteriorate from multiple rounds in the dishwasher. Kitchen towels are another clutter culprit; get rid of any that are stained or torn.

The bathroom: Like laundry rooms, bathrooms are small rooms that work extra hard for the whole family, so they often become cluttered. An easy way to declutter your bathroom is to throw away any toiletry or medicinal items that are out of date. Unused decorative soaps, especially those which have gathered dust, add little to bathroom decor and simply make the room appear unloved. Stack or roll towels neatly, removing any that are stained or torn, and remember that small baskets or boxes can go a long way towards making the various items housed in the bathroom appear organized and thoughtfully stored.

The hall closet: It’s so easy to cram coats and other seasonal gear into the hall closet and then forget about it! Go through coats and other wet- or wintry-weather items to be sure that they fit and that they are still being worn when needed. Donate to charity any that aren’t. Explore ways that boots and shoes could be stored off the floor of the closet, such as on the back of the door, as a cluttered floor makes the entire closet feel messier. If you don’t have shelves at the top of your closet, look into adding one or two. Even one extra shelf can do amazing things for your storage capacity.

The playroom: Modern kids have loads of toys, and it’s easy for them to start to take over their bedrooms and/or playrooms. First, go through each toy to see if it’s really something your kids still play with. For those that stay, dedicate a box or plastic bin to each type of toy, such as plastic bins to house all the train set pieces or a cute box to hold the kitchen set’s play food. If you have the space, purchase a set of shelves to hold your boxes and bins, and label each one. You’ll be amazed at what a little organization can do for all those toys.

Decluttering and organizing is a lot of work. But you can make a difference in how well your house shows with just a few simple steps over the course of a weekend or two. And when that translates to a better sale price, you’ll be very glad you made the investment!

Monnie can give you more ideas on how to help your home shine during a viewing. Call her today at 325.365.6404.

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